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Runegard is inactive and no longer recruiting.
I am Magni, son of Thror.
Huskovar, chosen of Torsheim, called 'the strong' even among my great people. 

Once..  Once, I would have called you stranger, perhaps called you threat. Maybe I would have called you enemy? Perhaps. But now..?
Now, I see something different. I look upon you, and I see brother. I see sister. I see heroes, champions, and I see HOPE.

Thestra.. Telon!.. is dark. Foul undeath claws its way out of the hard ground, feasting upon life itself. Tales return to our shores of terrible evils across the sea. The elements themselves attack, soulless and without pity. On the other side of the world, Demons rise.. cruel, terrible, and without mercy.
None of us have the might to defeat these. None of us.. alone.. can crush the evils that have come.

Together. Joined as one. With our combined steel, our combined magic, our combined faith.. with all our strength, our fire, our will, and our blood.. With everything we are, with everything we will be. Perhaps with all this, we have a chance?Join me, Brothers and Sisters. Lay aside what we were, who we were. Answer this calling, answer your destiny, embrace it...
It is written in the ancient runes, our time is now.

We are...  RUNEGARD.

(( NOTE: It was a noble attempt, but Runegard is not active or recruiting. As of 10/14, the guild is closed. ))
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Runegard Admin, Sep 18, 11 11:16 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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